A Tale to Tell is an illustrated, collaborative storytelling project where each week a new illustrator/artist will be invited to submit the next part of the story, with a text entry and an illustration to accompany it.  Each artist responds to the story as it was left by the previous, taking the story wherever they wish and leaving it open for the next person to continue!  Creating an elaborate, imaginative tale from the minds of some of the most creative people around.

For now, the project exists in online form but further down the line we will also be looking into getting our collective narrative published. 

The story begins with Rudyard Kipling's The Jungle Book.  A brilliant tale that we're sure most people will remember from their childhood and we thought would act as a good starting point for the project.

Interested in taking part?  Have a look at how to join in

W.H.Drake - Baloo & Bagheera